Gary Shreve - Guitar & Vocals

Gary started taking piano lessons for a few years in middle school and then quit because he wanted to play football instead and because the teacher had "blue" hair.  Yes, she was about 80.  But he then picked up the guitar and started playing guitar, bass, and keyboards in the "Equinox" band throughout middle school and high school doing 70's cover tunes.  He has now been playing those same three chords for over 30 years!

The need for earplugs were discovered at the first rock concert he attended in 1976 which was the Ozark Mountain Daredevils opening up for the Outlaws.  That's where he learned the phrase, "Hey, you make a better door than a window." 

When not rocking with Audio Illusion, he plays guitar in his local church's pop/rock band.

His favorite guitar players are Jimi Hendrix, Paul Gilbert, and George Harrison.

Gary's main axe is a Carvin and he uses Mesa Boogie amps.