Hal Miller - Keys & vocals

Hal is a native Californian who grew up in SoCal.  He has been playing the piano since age 6 and the guitar since age 13.  Moving to NorCal, he later earned a degree in Music Composition from Cal State Univ-Hayward.  Rumor is he was falling asleep in class due to his late night gigs in college where he played Hammond organ in local bands!

He has performed in bands for over 30 years, and yes he's older!  Hal has also played in various ensembles and participated in numerous recording sessions.  He is a true professional and currently plays with several gigging groups.  Of course, Audio Illusion is his favorite....so he says.  He plays all the different instruments as a jack-of -all-trades in his local church music program.

Hal plays keyboards, cowbell, tamborine, guitar, bass (right-brain/left-brain thing) and sings both lead and background vocals.

His musical influences include the Beatles, 60's Brit-Pop, Beach Boys, Tower of Power (love the horns), Elton (early), Hendrix, Copeland (Stewart & Aaron), and too many others to mention.

His main keyboard is a Nord.