Hank Moreira - Drums & Vocals

Image - Hank Drumming Long AgoBorn in Oakland, Hank is a Bay Area native who first started his musical skillage playing trumpet in the fourth grade.  He got his first guitar in middle school and then his first drum set at age 21.  He settled on the drums because of his nervous tapping habit of pounding out 10-minute versions of "Wipe Out"  on the school cafeteria tables. 

He has played with numerous bands since the 70's, but his claim-to-fame is and will always be "The T-Birds" during his high school years.  This was a Sha Na Na-type band that still performs at reunions.  Hank always liked to wear white T-shirts with cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve.

His favorite drummers are John Bonham, Charlie Watts, Larry Lynch, and David Robinson.

Hank plays Ludwig drums and a Swiss cowbell.