Rich Lagomarsino - Bass & Vocals

Rich started his musical career by playing tuba, trumpet, and percussion throughout high school winning numerous individual and group awards.  But he switched to the bass guitar in college when he realized he could earn tuition money and meet girls while playing at the college frat and sorority parties!

The retired guy in the band, Rich has played various brass and woodwind instruments over the years.  He has played bass guitar, upright bass, and trumpet in local big band and jazz combos.  His diverse musical interests have had him performing in various rock, jazz, and soul groups for the last decade.  With all that going on, no wonder he's retired!

Rich and Gary have been playing together for over a decade and when Rich is not providing the "low end" for
Audio Illusion, he plays upright bass in various big band and jazz combos. 

His favorite bass players are John Entwhistle, James Jamerson, Rocco Prestia, and Jaco Pastorius. 

Rich's main bass is a Carvin and he uses Markbass amps.